Miami And The Florida Keys – Reflections

Miami And The Florida Keys – Reflections

Miami And The Florida Keys – Reflections – The soonest known occupants of what is presently Miami were the “Tequesta” Indians. Little is known about the Tequesta Indians other than they lived along the banks of the Miami River more than twelve hundred years prior. In all honesty there was a little characteristic fast a couple of miles upriver from where it discharged into Biscayne Bay. The Tequesta Indians chased and angled along the banks of the River. In the sixteenth and again in the eighteenth century the Spanish built up a couple of little missions along the banks of the Miami River. Spain initially had the zone currently called “Florida”,

be that as it may, surrendered Florida and obviously Miami to the British in later years. The primary American Settlers started touching base in Miami Florida at some point in the right on time to mid nineteenth century and settled in and around the River. Farming notwithstanding angling was one of only a handful couple of financial pillars of the territory. The River’s water source was the Everglades and it was trusted that the wetland could be depleted by expelling the rapids. Subsequently giving extra cultivatable land to the fresh debuts to settle and create as ranches.

I am certain that land deals and potential benefits were an inspirational factor also. Land in Miami has been an inspiration from the earliest starting point to exhibit. Despite the reason(s) a choice to expel falls by dynamiting was made and executed in mid to late 1800s. Other than amid those long periods of the Seminole Indian wars the populace consistently expanded as did the land business.

At the outset Dade County was a gigantic track of land that reached out from the southern tip of Lake Okeechobee (Fort Worth Florida) south to Key West Florida. Indian Key was the seat of Dade County until at some point between the years 1860 and 1870. Preceding these years occupants of the Florida Keys, other than those at Indian Key were considered inhabitants of Dade County.


Some time ago there was a bit of angling town situated in Dade County, towards the southeastern tip of Florida. The name of this town was Miami. Numerous individuals living in Miami at the time, articulated the name “Miama”.

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